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                                                                        ​Terms and Conditions of Sale

Buyers acceptance of products covered by the Purchase Order constitutes acceptance of all Terms and Conditions regardless of any "Conditions of Purchase" unless specifically approved by Nashville Surgical Instruments in writing.

1.    Kumar Cholangiography®, PRE-VIEW Cholangiography®, Kumar Clamp®, Kumar Catheter® and Kumar T-ANCHORS®* are Registered Trademarks of Nashville Surgical Instruments. Use of a device under these names, other than that sold by Nashville Surgical Instruments or their licensees is a violation.
2.    All products sold by Nashville Surgical Instruments are strictly meant for use by qualified surgeons.
3.    Cost: Prices are subject to change without notice. Buyers shall pay all taxes, fees, insurance and costs of shipping. Seller may terminate this contract of sale if there is a change in conditions of sales or circumstances beyond the Seller's control. Buyer shall be responsible for all expenses Seller may incur towards recovery of amounts owed.
4.    Express Orders: Must be received before 2 pm Central Time. Additional Charges apply. No guaranties of delivery are made.
5.    Terms: Net 30 days without exceptions. New Customers must pre-pay for the first order. Credit card processing fee is 2.5%.
6.    Excuse of Performance: Seller shall incur no liability for delay in performance or non-performance due to commercial circumstances.
7.    Buyers Credits: Seller reserves the right to cancel or withhold shipments or ask for payment in advance in case of nonpayment of bills due. All payments are net 30 days. Finance charge of 1.5 percent per month may apply to delinquent accounts.
8.    Shipment: Seller will not be responsible for failure to comply with any Special instructions. Risk of loss or damage shall pass upon Sellers delivery of the product to the carrier.
9.    Freight: Terms are Pre-Paid and ADD. No Third Party Billing is accepted for Freight Charges.
10. Returns or Exchanges: Allowed only if the product is defective or shipped in error. All returns must be authorized by the Seller. Restocking fees may apply.  Returns of Sterile products are not accepted.
11. Recalls: If a product is recalled by the Seller, the buyer must comply immediately and avoid using the products until approved by the Seller.
12. Warranties: Seller warranties that products sold shall be free of defects in material and workmanship on the date of shipment. Products should be checked and tested prior to each use. Buyer must inform Seller of any defects, or malfunction discovered, immediately. Upon the Seller’s discretion, defective items will be replaced or credited. There is no Warranty of merchantability, fitness for use or failure or other warranties by the Seller, expressed or implied. In no events shall the Seller be liable for any special, consequential or incidental damages.
13. Confidentiality and Intellectual Property: Buyer agrees to keep in confidence any trade secrets or confidential information belonging to the Seller. All intellectual property rights regarding the products shall remain the property of Seller including and without limitation, all trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets or commercial symbols
14. Governing Law: All disputes shall be covered by the laws of the state of Tennessee. Any legal pursuits shall occur in the county of Robertson.
15. Waiver: Any failure by the seller to enforce a part of these terms and conditions shall not constitute waiver of any provisions of the same.
16. Buyer promises to proper care, use and disposal of "single use" and proper care, use and sterilization of "reusable" items including limiting the use of products in accordance with expressed designations and instructions.
17. Buyers outside the U.S.A., are responsible for assuring regulatory compliance in their territory prior to purchase or use. 

*Patent, ®Registered Trademark

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